About Us

Exserendib Ayurveda Cure & Therapy is a traditional authentic health facility based on Flower Road, Colombo 07. Our location avoids all the hustle and bustle of a busy life and allows you to get away to a relaxing environment.
We provide our services to a variety of different people from tourists to the locals, you’ll receive the best service brought to you by our skilled doctors.

We’ll help you restore balance and reawaken your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Our Vision

Contribute to the healthy life of people around the world through Ayurveda

Our Mission

  • Genuine

    Provide a genuine Ayurveda based on medical evidence

  • Hospitality

    Provide a best hospitality

  • Communication

    Through the Communication and work, we also achieve a healthy life

about ExSerendib

ExserendibAyurveda Cure & Therapy

ADDRESS: No 15, 27th Lane, Colombo 03

TEL: 011-7446-111

Open: 9:00 -20:00 (Last call is at 18:00)
Holiday:Irregular holidays