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We Promise 5C

◆ Consultation

Provide a doctor’s consultation to all

◆ Certificate

Issue the medical certificate,
Describes Dosha and a treatment record to all

◆ Combination

Body massage is done by two person,
it is ‘ Genuine Ayurveda’ based on medical evidence

◆ Clinical record (Karte)

Save a clinical record (Karte),
for supporting a continued treatment

◆ Cleanliness

Provide a service in the always clean environment

*Private room(Attached bathroom),Disposable underwear、Hair dryer ,etc

「Empty-handed」 is OK


Shareera Abyanga

Body treatment

Vashapa Sweda

Herbal steam bath

Pada Abyanga

Foot treatment

Netra Basti

Eye treatment

Griva Skanda

Shoulder treatment

Shiro Abyanga

Head treatment

Vakthara Abyanga

Face treatment

Hastha Abyanga

Hand treatment

Shiro Dhara